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Urban Terror 4.1.1

Urban Terror Urban Terror 4.1.1

Screenshots of Urban Terror

Urban Terror Editor's Review

Urban Terror is a standalone first-person shooter that started out as a mod to the popular Quake III: Arena game. Available as a free download, the programme has attracted a number of fans since its release in 2000.

The game is similar to other shooters such as Counterstrike – or even the multiplayer levels of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series – in that two factions are fighting a seemingly unending battle. However, there are some elements that set this freeware game apart.

Players have an arsenal of gear available to them immediately, rather than on a buy system, and users can choose from pistols to grenades and C4 explosives. In addition, you can choose to include body armour, medical kits and other aids to protect health, boost energy, etc. The way in which players interact with their gear loads adds a sense of realism – the heavier the pack, the harder it is to move.

Fighting manoeuvres include leaps between rooftops, walls and powerslide across the ground, which allows some interesting tactical assaults and sneak attacks. Game statistics are slightly lacking, with little more than a stamina bar updating you on your progress.

The community nature of Urban Terror means that it is always possible to find players to match your own level of skill, while community designers regularly supply new maps.

Urban Terror runs on Windows OS, requiring 64MB RAM, 8 MB virtual RAM and around 650MB disk space. A drawback to the game is the nature of the graphics – there has been no real facelift since its inception. Sound quality, however, is excellent and adds to the realism.

Pro's: good mix of realism and extreme gameplay; low system requirements; active playing and development community; excellent sound quality

Con's: not available on Mac or Linux OS; dated graphics

Conclusion: If you're looking for a fun shooter with an active community and a good mix of realism and superhuman manoeuvres, Urban Terror is an excellent choice. While the graphics are not the highest quality, the gameplay makes up for any shortfalls.

Urban Terror Publisher's Description

Urban Terror is a mod turned standalone that's on the Quake 3 engine. It features realistic gameplay, much like in Counter Strike, except for a twist: you can jump off of walls and do other crazy things like that. Also, all the weapons are available at spawn, instead of a buy system. The same applies to the equipment. Another interesting idea is instead

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